YD260XBCAFBOX | AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Processor | 15,490 Rs

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AMD’s Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz six-core AM4 processor ( amd yd260xbcafbox )is designed for games and creators to provide high multi-processing performance, with a basic clock speed of 3.6 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.2 GHz.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X has an ultra-fast 3.6GHz base clock and a 4.2GHz super turbocharger, and now everything will not slow you down! Whether you are playing games or working, this six-core processor has all the functions needed to achieve smooth and reliable performance.

In terms of graphics, the Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz six-core AM4 processor ( amd yd260xbcafbox ) does not include any integrated graphics, which means users will need to purchase a dedicated graphics card of their choice.

Processor has unlocked clock multiplier Boxed processor is packaged with Wraith Spire fan/heatsink The processor has the following security, data protection and/or software features: AMD StoreMI technology.

In terms of graphics, the Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz six-core AM4 processor does not include any integrated graphics, which means users will need to purchase a dedicated graphics card of their choice.

Improved performance and advanced features provide a faster and smoother computing experience than you think.

  • 6 cores / 12 threads are not locked;
  • maximum temperature: 95°C Frequency:
  • 4.2 GHz Max Boost.
  • Includes Ghost Spire Cooler 19MB combined cache.

PCI Express version is PCIe 3.0 x16 and CMOS 12 nm finfet Need socket AM4 motherboard The supported technologies are amd storemi technology, amdSensemi technology, amd ryzen master utility and amd ryzen vr-ready premium .

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Processor amd yd260xbcafbox has unlocked clock multiplier Boxed processor is packaged with Wraith Spire fan/heatsink The processor has the following security, data protection and/or software features: AMD StoreMI technology.


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Last updated on December 29, 2020 9:38 pm
YD260XBCAFBOX | AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Processor | 15,490 Rs
YD260XBCAFBOX | AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Processor | 15,490 Rs



Brand AMD
Manufacturer AMD
Series Ryzen 5
Colour Others
Item Height 0.3 Inches
Item Width 1.6 Inches
Product Dimensions 4.06 x 4.06 x 0.76 cm; 453.59 Grams
Batteries 1 A batteries required.
Item model number YD260XBCAFBOX
Processor Brand AMD
Processor Type None
Processor Speed 4.2 GHz
Processor Socket AM4
Processor Count 6
Memory Technology DDR4
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Wireless Type Bluetooth
Voltage 220 Volts
Wattage 95
Hardware Platform Windows
Operating System Windows
Are Batteries Included No
Included Components Processor, CPU Cooler
Manufacturer AMD
Item Weight 454 g

YD260XBCAFBOX | AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Processor | 15,490 Rs Videos

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23 reviews for YD260XBCAFBOX | AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Processor | 15,490 Rs

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  1. Tanith Flory

    PS (Edit): Prefer the new ryzen cpus.First of all, the review here is depending on the price not just the product. The actual price is 15.7k~. If you prefer any trusted retailer then you will get it around 16k.*I won’t be reviewing about the performance here. There are alot of videos, benchmarks on YouTube.Before that, intel prices are skyrocketing anyways. The basic intel i5 8400 is about 22k, intel i5 8400 and ryzen 2600 are equal in performance. Slight difference in gaming. But the prices are alot different.A suitable motherboard for ryzen 2600 would be B350, it will cost you about 4k to 5k. You can also prefer B450 which is about 7k.The Ryzen 5 2600:1. 6 cores / 12 threads processor.2. Doesn’t require any extra cooling system but it would be good if you can afford a basic cooling fan. [Not talking about heat sinks, heat sinks are imp af. ]3. Requires a graphics unit to boot, your pc won’t run unless you have a graphics card.4. Perfect processor for day-to-day task, since the processor has 12 threads, you can multitask easily, streaming will be efficient. Editting and other stuff like rendering would be ease.*Overclocking ryzen 2600 will make it process like a ryzen 2600x processor.But it really requires a good cooling system which would cost you about 4-5k minimum.(Ryzen 2600x is about 25-30% better than i5 8400, i5 8400 is about 21k right now)*Ryzen processors work a lot better if you have a ram with higher frequencies. 3000Mhz ram would work perfect.You should buy Ryzen 5 2600 if,1. You’re a gamer, also willing to stream. Buying intel i7 8700 or ryzen 2700x won’t make any sense unless you have a high end gpu like 1080ti or 1070ti. But ryzen 2600 will easily boot with 1050ti or 1060 providing ZERO BOTTLENECK issues.2. You’re an editor and aswell as a casual gamer. A cheaper processor (Ryzen 3 editions) is also capable of doing these tasks but ryzen 2600 would be good future proof processor along with 1060. (5+years)You should not buy Ryzen 5 2600 if,1. You have already viewed Ryzen 3 series and found it sufficient for your needs.2. You feel that you need more better processor in order to get additional performance, then you can prefer Ryzen 7 series. (Intel i7 *was* a good choice when the prices were stable, now they’re skyrocketing.)*The only disadvantage I have gone through is, most of the ryzen series (except ryzen 2400g, ryzen 2200g) cannot boot without a graphics unit.Intel processors have a integrated graphic unit and hence they bootup even if you don’t have any graphic unit. Ryzen doesn’t have any onboard/integrated graphics except the ryzen 2400g and 2200g.*Personal Experience*I have a ryzen 2600 paired up with 1050ti and Gigabyte B450 Motherboard and I get decent gaming, streaming experience without any bottleneck or stuttering issues.*The product displayed above costs 21k whereas ryzen 2600x costs about 18-19k from retailers. Also, a person reviewed that he got the processor with 3.6ghz which comes under Ryzen 2600*

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  2. Rizwan Siddiquee

    I have been using Core i7 for like 10 years. Motherboard’s south bridge chipset got burnt and I had to buy a complete new PC. After reading tons of reviews for a decent gaming processor, I drilled down to this baby. Its been a week and it runs everything that I throw at it. There are so many motherboards available for this, but I went with Asus Prime X470 Pro. A decent second gen Mobo for X series Unlocked Ryzen Processors.Pros :Stock Cooler was quite and temperatures were in range from 53 to 75. But I went with Corsair H100i V2 Liquid Cooler and now my temps remain in 34-50 range. Auto Boost is available and enuff space to Overclock. Since this is the X version, it supports DDR4 speeds upto 3400ish.Cons :AMD could have given the RGB Cooler with this CPU since this is the flagship at Ryzen 5 Level.Final verdict : If you are looking for a decent gaming processor then this one is a beast. Save some money from buying i7 8700k or 2700x and buy a good liquid cooler to pair with this baby

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  3. Premanand S

    This processor is really a beast. It handles all performance-intensive tasks well and being an all-rounder, gives at least the 90% the performance of an usual i5 7th or 8th generation processor and the best multi-core performance than any Intel processor. The stock cooler itself handles the heat very vell. If you want a above balanced that does everything you want in a budget media work or gaming build, go for this processor. I think the price is a little bit higher now. I got it for around 18k rupees.

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  4. Pooja Phatarpekar

    I was gonna get the Ryzen 2600 but then i got an excellent deal on the 2600x. Bought it for Rs 13690/- from seller appario retail pvt. Ltd.Performance is hardcore. Coming from a intel i5 2500k which was overclocked to 4.2 ghz stable. This is a tremendous upgrade over my previous cpu with 4 cores and 4 threads. This one has 6 cores and 12 threads. Though it is running pretty hot with the stock cooler.90 deg on Cinebench run 3 times non stop.Surely Will need a good AIO liquid cooling kit going into the future to maintain stable high clocks as this beast is on auto overclock mode. I have had it boost even upto 4.4 ghz by itself without any manual override even though amd is rating it at max 4.2ghz.Im taking away 1 star only because i had a terrible time installing the stock cooler which is doing a terrible job at cooling this piece of silicon and making the chip drop clock speeds to compensate for higher temperature. This heatsink has no business on an overclocking chip. It also has very cheaply made spring screws for mounting. It needs excessive force to push them in place. They bend so take care while installing.Thanks to amazon for this. Delivered within 3 days.

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  5. reviewr

    Guys Ryzen 7 2700x price has dropped so much. It is the best value for the money for the one who are gamer or video editors. I personally purchased this from MD comp. Because it was for 20,000/- only. And it was a true values for your money when you get it for this low.You can also check my YouTube chanel- “the ineffable” for pc build and hardware reviews.Make sure if you are planning to buy a new processor this one can make your dreams came true. Check for the lowest price from different sellers also.

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  6. Meet Modi

    This product is just a beast!!! Btw if you want more heavy performance get more cooling, I was getting r5 2600 at 11.3k and this at littealyy 11.7k I just bought this blind folded.

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  7. SK

    Very good six core twelve thread processor. This x variant comes with good quality silicon which makes the processor faster and cooler

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  8. Amazon Customer

    AMD Ryzen 2700x was my first pick, but it was too pricey at the time of purchase.But this processor has amazed me with it’s performance. Also, the stock cooler that comes with it works well.

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  9. Kindle Customer

    product was almost perfect.on paper. this thing is a beast!great clock speed, easy to OC with ryzen master..with a fast clock speed per core, with SMT means 12 threads, perfect for gaming, and VR ? Oh its a rocket..just one.. teeny… tiny… problem..the cpu wasn’t in the box when it arrived xDafter a few heated emails with the third party and amazon themselves issue was resovled and a full refund was given and i ended up buying else where.amazon customer service? 4 stars.experience. no stars.

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  10. Desy

    Il pacco, leggermente ammaccato come in foto, contiene oltre al processore anche la Wraith Spire, moderatamente silenziosa anche grazie a un surriscaldamento molto basso. La versione 2600X performa molto bene con tutta la suite Adobe, con ottime velocità di rendering grafiche e video. Ottime prestazioni, ovviamente, anche in situazioni che non richiedono l’uso intensivo della CPU come multitasking o gaming.Il mio setup include:- Motherboard Asus prime B450M-K. Una mATX il cui BIOS non ha dato problemi di compatibilità, e anzi ha permesso un settaggio minuzioso delle velocità e threshold (punti limite, insomma) della ventola. In foto anche il 2600X montato su una mobo Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 3;- GPU Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 con 4 GB di VRAM;- RAM 2×8 GB Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 @ 3000 MHz;- una SSD Crucial CT250MX500SSD4 da 250 GB, oltre a un HDD Western Digital e altri componenti.Questo è l’emblema di una compagnia che, nonostante fornisca prezzi più economici della rivale Intel, non dimostra affatto una mancanza di qualità. Se si ha un budget ridotto, magari, si può optare per la versione 2400G e poi prendere una GPU in seguito.Questo modello, invece, gestisce meglio le velocità di clock per core e ottimizza l’uso dei livelli di cache, non con un cambio nell’architettura ma solo con mirate regolazioni alla dinamica di allocazione. In altre parole, qualità migliore dei predecessori allo stesso prezzo. Consigliato.

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    Love it!I was unsure whether to go amd or intel 8400.Although the intel is currently better for most games. I run at 4K so the difference is much smaller. In the end, i chose the amd platform for upgradability.One clear improvement was with VR. I was running a GTX 1080ti with an overclocked i5 2500 @4.4. 24000 MHz memory.The CPU usuals was always about 80% which when oculus home was open. This caused juddering – especially with steam VR games.CPU usage has now dropped to about 20% and I get mo juddering at all. Even with significant supersampling.Lastly, i didn’t have to re-install Windows. It booted and installed all necessary drivers automatically.Thoroughly recommend!

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  12. Cosenfi


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  13. [email protected]

    En remplaçant d’un ryzen 7 1700, qui me satisfesait mais il lui manquais une fréquence de fonctionnement plus élevé pour certains jeux.Voilà chose faite avec ce processeur, il marche constamment à 4072 MHz sans rien toucher dans le bios. en mode bureautique il fait des petites pointes à 4200 MHz.Je suis ravi d’avoir vendu mon ryzen 7 pour celui la qui se débrouille beaucoup mieu dans les jeux.Il se débrouille très bien aussi dans les applications plus lourdes.Une vrai réussite de la part d’amd .

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  14. Pawel Romanski

    Una revisión de los procesadores de AMD, gama Ryzen. Vengo de un 1700X y el cambio ha sido muy bueno (aunque no sea una revolución). El micro nada más salir de la caja gracias al XFR funciona a 4.2 Ghz y a veces algo más. La compatibilidad con la memoria RAM también ha sido mejorada.Recomiendo este procesador para equipos destinados a juegos y edición de vídeo/imágenes. Es una opción muy versátil gracias a sus 6 núcleos y 12 hilos de procesamiento.

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  15. Billy B.

    Mon pc principal tourne grâce à un R7 2700X avec lequel je suis pleinement satisfait. Une installation simple et un OC facile est excellent. Lorsqu’une connaissance m’a demandé de monter un pc pour une utilisation bureautique c’est donc normalement que je suis tourné vers son petit frère, le 2600X. J’ai opté pour celui-ci car la différence de prix avec le 2600 était très faible.Package :Le package contient le CPU, un ventirad en photo ainsi qu’un sticker Ryzen. Attention, sur les photo avec le pc monté il s’agit du ventirad du 2700X.Installation :Je préfère largement l’installation d’un processeur AMD plutôt qu’un intel. Surtout au niveau du ventirad.Vous avez simplement à poser le CPU, puis le verrouiller. Pour le ventirad il suffit de placer les languettes sur le support de la carte mère et de le verrouiller. Alors que chez Intel, il faut s’embêter à visser derrière la carte mère…Je n’ai pas utilisé le ventirad fourni avec (il dispose d’ailleurs de pâte thermique appliqué d’origine) mais celui de mon 2700X.Utilisation :Rien à paramétrer. Pour les performances en bureautique, ras il est parfait. Il se régule parfaitement lorsqu’il est au repos ou à 100%. Il atteint parfaitement les 4,2Ghz annoncés.Les températures sont parfaites avec ce ventirad. Je n’ai jamais dépassé les 45°C.Je n’ai pas encore OC le processeur. Je le ferrais surement dans les années à venir lorsque l’utilisateur en aura besoin. En sachant qu’avec cette carte mère, un oc se met en place seulement avec un clic via le BIOS.Aucun crash à signaler. Que ce soit avec le 2600X ou le 2700X. Les crashs dont les autres utilisateurs se plaignent sont dus aux logiciels type AI Suite ou MSI afterburner qui n’ont rien à voir avec ce processeur.Conclusion :Je suis devenu un vrai fan d’AMD grâce à cette série Ryzen après plus de 10 ans chez INTEL. Je recommande à 100% quelque soit votre utilisation.Autres composants :Ventirad de 2700X, ASUS Prime X470 Pro, 8go ram, Corsair 100R, Alim Corsair 100R.Si vous trouvez cet avis utile, pensez à cliquer sur oui, cela fait toujours plaisir de savoir qu’on a pu aider quelqu’un.

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  16. jimmyzaas

    With six cores and twelve threads of juice, my old quad core i5 3570k was utterly eclipsed in every way. Costing considerably less than the modern i5, this processor is a clear winner and value leader. And the mounting system, O M G brilliant! No more worrying about bent pins on the motherboard (ala Intel). Both single threaded and multi threaded performance received a healthy injection of awesomeness. While the performance was absolutely breathtaking and refreshing, there were two glaring issues: high core voltage, and poor cooler.The very high core voltage was concerning and highly unusual given the 12nm process. On a Asrock B450 platform, this thing shooted up to 1.49 vcore randomly on stock/auto settings due to XFR and precision boost. CPU speed sometimes hit the 4.6-4.7 GHz mark. Insane! With high vcore also came high temps. As such, I had set a -100mV offset to vcore, which kept the vcore to a more reasonable state around 1.38V, and subsequently the temps were also reduced. After some googling, I’ve realized the vcore issue is as per AMD design and is managed by the SMU. It should not be a concern with respect to the longevity of the processor. Time will tell.With all the chatter about the Wraith Spire cooler being sufficient, it simply wasn’t (at least not with the high vcore being pushed on it). For those who purchased the 2600X over the 2600 due to a better included cooler, prepare to be disappointed. In regular gaming, the CPU regular hit high 60s, borderlining 70s. During Prime95 stress testing on stock clocks, the CPU shot straight into the mid 80s within minutes. Although the included cooler was considerably heavier and bigger than anything Intel could conjure, I felt the heat dissipation ratings were grossly overrated. They really should have supplied Wraith Prism (105W TDP) with the 95W CPUs like the 2600X, and the Wraith Spire with the 65W CPUs like the vanilla 2600. Besides poor cooling ability, this thing was LOOUUDD. Double Whammy! In the end, I had to get a Noctua U12S heatsink to keep the AMD chip from self-destruction.Overall, great performance, great value but bundled cooler was a joke. 4/5

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  17. Medusa

    I bought this chip from amazon warehouse as it was a good offer with prime delivery.It arrived promptly and works perfectly.The outer packaging was not present which was outlined in the description of the warehouse offer. despite this i did get everything that would be in the box; the CPU in a clam shell with the case badge and the stock cooler.I picked this one over the 2700x as the extra cores would be wasted in my system as a gamer. multi threading is still not common.It is a solid CPU which handles everything i have used it for so far gaming, streaming and web browsing with many tabs.I haven’t used the stock cooler for this CPU but AMD are pretty good at setting the stock speeds to balance well with the included cooler.With water cooling it is an easy overclocker and AMD provide the tools to get it running the best it can.bottom line; its a great chip and worth every penny especial for gaming

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  18. Federico “Fred” L.

    Passo da un i5 7400, la famosa serie Kaby Lake che ha avuto enormi problemi di stuttering, processore che mi ha fatto dannare svariate volte. Ho optato per questo Ryzen 5 2600X, non avevo mai comprato un processore AMD Ryzen prima d’ora e non posso fare altro che dire che è un processore super! Gestisce bene qualsiasi operazione io stia andando a compiere con il mio PC, da gaming a editing e non solo, l’utilizzo rimane sempre molto basso, abbiamo anche una temperatura con dissipatore stock che è più che decente, e non dimentichiamo il moltiplicatore sbloccato grazie al quale potremmo andare ad effettuare un overclock leggero (se con dissipatore stock) ed anche pesante (con dissipatori a parte).Super consigliato!

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  19. Nathaniel K.

    I cant fault this chip. At all. It does everything that I ask of it fairly well and never gets any hotter than 75c with my Deepcool Gammax cooler. A six core 12 thread marvel.I play games at High settings at 60fps across the board (apart from a few TERRIBLY optimised games here and there) and its a very smooth experience. I also make 1080p60fps videos for YouTube editing with Davinci Resolve and it does that very well too, never getting hotter than about 75c when rendering.I cant speak for the stock cooler as I dont use it but judging from what I have seen on various forums it does a good job of keeping this chip cool.Arguably the best value 2nd generation Ryzen chip out there.Granted I could have saved some money and got the non x varient, but at the time of buying it was only £50 more and i though “hey bragging rights” so i went for it. And i dont regret it.

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  20. Katnip

    I did a lot of research before deciding which Ryzen to go for and for bang for buck I’m very happy I went with this one. I needed my PC to be capable of editing in Photoshop quickly and easily as well as Premiere and other Adobe products. Ryzen 5 2600x accomplishes this very nicely. All the videos I edit are HD and it runs smoothly.My computer is super speedy and managing to handle anything I throw at it, so far gaming wise I’ve played Skyrim, Planet Coaster, Sims 3 and 4 with absolutely no problems.The stock cooler it comes with is also doing a fine and dandy job, happy with this choice.

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  21. Pascal D’Amour

    Quel bon processeur! Méchante différence entre celui là et mon vieux FX-8320! Parfait pour les gamers exigeants. N’oubliez pas avec la technologie AMD Infinite plus la ram clock est élevé plus le processeur est performant. Moi je roule avec de la Corsair à 3200Mhz.

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  22. hxsaint

    The only reason this CPU did not get a 5 star across the Board was because we initially fitted the stock cooler that came with it. We had 16gb 3200 ram, 250gb ssd, 2 tb hdd, 1050ti gpu and wiifi card on b450 motherboard and it immediately started to overheat. We swapped for a deepcool gammmax 400 fan and everything was fine.The cpu is perfect for gaming, video editing, picture editing and general internet use by my son. He advises that it is fast and very stable. Great multi-core

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  23. Declan

    Upgraded to this processor from an Intel i5 4690k. Overall, seeing far more stable performance in areas of games I previously did not. Multitasking performance has improved also and I’m seeing significantly less CPU usage when I’m carrying out moderately intensive tasks. The stock fan does a good job at keeping the CPU cool but can be somewhat noisy, mainly due to how quickly and frequently the temperature and fan speed can oscillate. In general, very much worth the price and I am glad I bought this processor. A big leap over the last AMD processor I had, the 8350.

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