Buy Microsoft lifecam vx 3000 | 11,700 to 13, 000 Rs | 68a 00001 Model

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Buy the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 webcam-black online at the lowest price in India. Get the specifications, reviews, features, best deals and offers of Microsoft LifeCam.

Share life at any time-easy to achieve with Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000. Microsoft’s LifeCam VX-3000 USB webcam is a compact webcam that can be connected to a computer through a standard USB 2.0 interface.

Install the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 driver for Windows 10 x64, or download the DriverPack Solution software to automatically install and update the driver.

Microsoft redefines your webcam experience with LifeCam VX-3000. The flexible LifeCam changes with your life, thanks to its universal mount, which can be fixed to any monitor.

LifeCam VX-3000 is equipped with a high-performance VGA sensor that can provide up to 640 x 480 pixel video resolution, and the built-in microphone can provide clear audio, keeping all video communications clear.

Use Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 to deliver instant messaging with family and friends to new levels of sight and sound. The Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 driver is collected from the manufacturer’s official website and other trusted sources.

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Last updated on January 6, 2021 5:28 am
Buy Microsoft lifecam vx 3000 |      11,700 to 13, 000 Rs     | 68a 00001 Model
Buy Microsoft lifecam vx 3000 | 11,700 to 13, 000 Rs | 68a 00001 Model


Brand Microsoft
Colour Black
Item Height 7.4 Centimeters
Item Width 18.3 Centimeters
Item Weight 95.3 g
Product Dimensions 20.6 x 18.3 x 7.4 cm
Item model number 68A-00001
Lithium Battery Energy Content 1 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Weight 1 Grams
Number of Lithium Ion Cells 1
Customer Reviews 3.2 out of 5 stars555 customer ratings
Date First Available 30 October 2016

Buy Microsoft lifecam vx 3000 | 11,700 to 13, 000 Rs | 68a 00001 Model Videos

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15 reviews for Buy Microsoft lifecam vx 3000 | 11,700 to 13, 000 Rs | 68a 00001 Model

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Why you selling kit that is redundant and does not work in the modern age?????Were all Windows 10 so when selling kit for a past operating system make this clear to your audiencewaste of time and money Ill be seeking a refund!!

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  2. Rinki

    Does what is says on the box.

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  3. Clarisse

    This is a bad webcam, is not high quality.

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  4. Russ

    Do not. Under any circumstances. Buy this crappy product.It claims to be compatible with certain Windows Operating Systems…it’s not! This POS product has been sitting on the shelf for decades and IS OUT OF DATE! It WILL NOT run on your current computer, I guarrentee it. When you contact Microsoft Support (you know, the people that made the damn thing) their answer is…..”BUY A CAMERA THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR SYSTEM.” I’m not joking. Don’t waste your time.

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  5. Amazjames boughey

    This is an out of date Microsoft item. After an hour on the Microsoft web site the tech said this item is not, repeat not, supported by Microsoft. Windows Ten will not access the disk for software and a popup says the software will not run on Widows. There is no warning on Amazon and what I assume is a fake review says it runs on Widows Ten.

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  6. Barry White

    Who sells a camera that stopped working many years ago? If i had windows seven about 5-6 years ago, it would be a fine camera. I’m sorry- but I must have missed somewhere it says does not work with the last two window OS.Delivery perfectly fine- seller fine…. just put that in the headline of the product. 60 bucks- wasted…

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  7. Carol J. Amato

    I bought this to work with Windows 10 and webinars. I am having a hard time focusing it, though. It will require someone else to focus it while I sit in my chair. When I try, I am too close to the camera to see what the result will be. A call to tech support, if there is one, is in order.

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  8. Pink Neko

    This is a very late review, but it’s still accurate! This camera was WONDERFUL! I was surprised. I got this back in 2011 and I used it almost every day to video chat with my friends and family. The quality, for a webcam, was superb! Pixelation was minimal and even in low light it was still pretty useful. I really like the convertible clamp/stand. It came in very handy as I’ve changed monitors throughout the years. Overall this camera was well worth it and while being 7 years old and now considered a “relic” by technological standards, it still works great and I will still continue to use it!

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  9. Shahin

    Bought this for my Grandma who live out of U.S. so she can see us via Skype and we can see her. this is grandma’s best friend since then!Pros:1. Quite a sensitive microphone (even when I spoke quietly, the other party could hear me, although maybe Windows Vista sound settings helped)2. It adjusts to the lighting, even if the light is not very good, color distortion is not too big.3. Can be positioned easily on top of an LCD monitor4. Turns and swivels in any directionCons:1. Manual focus2. Face tracking tends to zoom in and out even if you don’t move (not a big con since I don’t use it).3. Packaging is not very environmentally friendly as the small camera comes in a large box with a lot of extra cardboard padding.

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  10. Furball

    Bought this to use on Skype to talk to an old friend I recently connected with again. Even though my laptop has a camera that works just as well…wanted to have one for my desktop since that is my main system. It works better than the old webcam I had which would do 320 resolution without being able to mount it on a flat screen monitor out of the way.I have the following gripes about this product:1. The main resolution on this camera is 640X480…unless you are using it for still photography…then you get the 1.3 MP.2. Another reason why I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 is that I found this same camera on […] for $3.00 US cheaper. Found the next model up $1.00 US cheaper…while the next model up was exactly the same cost as this one on Amazon.3. To keep from getting a “jerky” video image…make sure you plug the connector into at least a 2.0 USB connector. Using this in a 1.0/1.1 connector will have you looking like you’re doing a bad version of the Robot.4. Another drawback which should not have happened is that Windows 7 will not/does not have the drivers available for this. You will need to go to Microsoft’s website or using the driver’s CD…install the drivers. I can understand XP not having the drivers or even Vista…but not Windows 7 especially for a Microsoft product having been out long before 7 appeared on the scene. Using Skype or any other chat program with video/audio…you will not need the crapware Microsoft & every other vendor includes. Not only will this not clog your hard drive…but your chat program will handle the specifics for you once you have the drivers loaded.Other than these gripes…got it a week earlier than expected. Works without any problems on Skype & probably any other video chat program. Have no idea on the others…since I haven’t tried them.

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  11. ronnie007

    hello. anyone reading this, will be interested in the details of actually having this item. I ordered this from amazon, after some personal debate, going from website to website, searching. finally decided on amazon. first get this home, out of the box, you start to run the software, and it asks you to install the MSN software FIRST. after you get through MSN, you get to go back to the cd-rom, to install the rest of the cd that comes with this. of course, if you do not wish to have MSN on your system, you can go to add/remove in your control panel. after I got it all installed, and started to run it, it has an auto-update in it. THIS took a LONG time to download, but I finally got it done. and I picked out my victim for trying it on first on my yahoo msngr. they say it looks good, and it sounds good, with the built-in microphone.all in all,..I like is fairly cheap to buy, easy to install, and easy to get started.all the others claiming they had an issue with the cam base, must be doing something odd. mine seems to sit still and I have had no issue.I gave this a perfect 5…but maybe I am too easy to please.of all the reviews of video cams, the vx-3000 was my favorite to pick and I am not sorry.

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  12. Croissant

    My high-end Logitech Fusion webcam never worked properly on a consistent basis with my system. Logitech support wasn’t able to help so I finally gave up and decided to try the LifeCam VX-3000.The LifeCam VX-3000 is my 5th webcam since the late 90s. So far, it’s the best I’ve ever used. My main purpose for the webcam was to communicate with my family. I have to say, mission accomplished.The size of the VX-3000 is more dimunitive in size than I expected. I included a photo so people get an idea. It looks a lot bigger in the photos than it really is. It also fits a lot snugger on my Dell 19 inch LCD monitor than did the Logitech. Because of the base design, I can put it flat on the desk or hook it on top of the monitor.The main review I read from PC Magazine states that the mic did a poor job so I was a concerned as the audio is almost as important to me as the video. The fear was unfounded as I tested it with my family for over an hour and they could hear me just fine with only a slight echo when I placed it too close to my speakers.The video resolution is 640×480, more than enough for my needs. The VX-6000 has higher resolution, but is also more than twice as expensive. I was very satisifed with the video and the low light support was excellent and worked better than the Logitech Fusion.The Live Call button on top of the camera is actually a nuisance when trying to adjust the angle of the camera. I don’t see myself ever using it and only works with Windows Live Messenger anyways. The cam itself swivels vertically and horizontally. The vertical swivel is actually quite stiff so you need to hold the cam with both hands to adjust. I guess it’s a good thing so that the cam doesn’t get out of position easily. The cord is also a decent length so if you want to pick the camera up and move it around, it gives you some freedom to do so.The only thing lacking that I would have wanted is a sliding lens cover, both to protect the lens and for privacy. I went back and forth on wanting the VX-3000 and the VX-6000. The comparison table shows that the VX-6000’s only benefits are 3x digital zoom, high-speed USB and a wide angle lens. I know that the video resolution is also higher. For me, I didn’t need the digital zoom. Also, I didn’t know that there was a difference in USB. I thought all USB 2.0 was “high-speed.” The instructions on the webcam recommend connecting to USB 2.0 so what exactly is “high-speed?” The wide angle lens would’ve been great, but not worth the extra cost. Certainly, the two most compelling reasons to get the VX-6000 is the wide angle lens and the higher video resolution. Based on my needs, the better value was the VX-3000.The version of the drivers that came on CD-ROM with the cam was 1.1 but I downloaded 1.3 from Microsoft’s website. I have to say that after some weeks of using Windows Live Messenger, it has a habit of getting disconnected quite often. My family has observed this as well. Until Microsoft remedies this, I may have to switch over to Google Talk with a video plug-in but the webcam itself, is exactly what I wanted.

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  13. P.M.

    Not much to say,Amazon: as good as always in delivering.This particular product: it is not a webcam, it is a lemon.Because I already own a Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 on my Windows 7 PC and am happy with it. I thought of getting the more convenient LifeCam VX-3000 for the my other and less powerful PC.Here is the my story:I wanted a convenient webcam to use with Skype, nothing special.The installation of the Lifecam 3.0 software was a breeze… the lifecam works and the image is pretty good if it weren’t for the “dots”. Dead pixels!When I turned it on, I saw that the image it was picking up it was quite blurred, a quick adjustment of the manual focus took care of that.On my PC, Athlon X2 240, with onboard GPU (AMD 760G) – 4 GB Ram (3.5 effective) – XP Home SP3, the lifecam software camera controls, like face tracking, only work with the lower resolutions. They will not at 640×480.About my purchased VX-3000 Lifecam:A lemon.I guess either I had bad luck on this one or there is a lack of quality control.Lots of dead or half dead pixels probably caused by a dirty or defective image sensor.I uploaded the black picture that shows what my problem is.I purchased the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 from Amazon during the Thanksgiving sale at a fairly decent price and now returning it to Microsoft or Amazon for an exchange might cost more than the item itself. NO bargain for me!

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  14. Eureka00

    There is nothing in the description for this item regarding the resolution or size…I guess I should have taken this as my first clue NOT to purchase it. It’s a 1.3 MP camera w/only 640×420. I’m not sure if this is exact, but it’s very close to the size from what I remember…I can’t tell you exactly because I’ve already repackaged the item after only receiving it a couple of hours ago.None of the actual specs are listed on the listing…and if I would have taken the time to read the reviews I would have seen that only very young people and people illiterate to computer use actually gave it decent ratings. And a bunch of people gave it 5 stars after saying in their ACTUAL review that the webcam was “ok” or “functional”. Why are you people rating it 5 stars when it’s only “functional”??? This is a VERY cheap cam, and no one should pay more than 5 bucks for it in my opinion.I’m going elsewhere, to a product that actually has the specs listed so I know what I’m buying.

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  15. Mungee

    1) It DOES work with Vista 64-bit but you need to email MS regarding KB Article Number(s): 933433 and they will send you a link with pwd for 305384_intl_x64_zip.exe. Once you install LifeCam V1.4 and run the hotfix it works fine.Note: I said it works fine not great. It works great on XP home platform.2) On the XP home platform I too had some problem with installing from CD-ROM. So I just downloaded the LifeCam 1.4 from the MS website and you need to shut down your anti-virus and firewall (so its better to disconnect you machine from the network itself)Once the install went through it works REALLY well on the XP Home box. The picture quality is amazing (BETTER than on the Vista 64bit box) and even when using in chat the folks on the other end can see the difference in quality. Which is WHY we bought this in the first place.The button on top is for MSN Live Messenger and it work well too. But when you try to adjust the cam you might accidentally press it, but its not such a big deal once you are aware of it.Now that we got it to work, we are super happy but it does not get a full 5 star because of the difficult install on both XP home and Vista 64 and the poor picture quality on Vista 64.

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